Homeschool Conferences – Should You Go?

Homeschool Conferences

It’s the season for homeschool conferences. So… are they worth the time to attend?

I think so! My number one reason is that is like a pep rally for homeschooling! I’m sure I’m not the only one starting to feel burnout by this time of year. A homeschool conference gives you that shot of motivation to finish strong and start planning for next year.

You had reasons for deciding to homeschool. I feel like when you’re in the trenches of the day-to-day, you can easily forget those reasons. Listening to others speak about their homeschool journey reminds you WHY you do this.

I started out going to our local conference, but the organization disbanded and there is no longer a local option. Last year was my first year attending a conference hosted by a national organization. I attended a Great Homeschool Conventions event. I truly enjoyed it, as did my children. We did not enroll the kids in the optional children’s event, but, rather, let them attend sessions with us that they might enjoy.  My two oldest (9 & 11 at the time) were very excited to attend sessions hosted by S.D. Smith and a group of authors from The Rabbit Room. My then 9-year-old was and still is, very interested in writing. He was able to ask questions in the sessions. During the roundtable with The Rabbit Room authors, he asked what advice they would give a young writer. I was blessed beyond measure by the way each author spoke directly to my son, pouring encouragement and wisdom upon him.

AP SDS collage

Another part of the conferences that I enjoy is the exhibit hall. I am a person who likes to see curriculum choices up close and in person. I don’t want to see a few sample pages online, I want to peruse the entire book before making a decision. So, I really appreciate being able to see so many different options under one roof. My kids, on the other hand, like gathering the freebies!

We are getting ready to head out to this year’s Great Homeschool Convention next week and I am expecting to have another great experience there. Tell me about your homeschool conference experience in the comments!



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