Kids in the Kitchen – Week in Review


Over the past week, the kids have been busy in the kitchen again. They made pretzel dogs, pho ga, pizza muffins, and cheese enchiladas. My youngest celebrated his birthday, so he took the week off and the 7-year-old took double duty.

Pho Ga

When we were at the Asian market a while back, we picked up a base for pho ga. A decided she wanted to try it out. She just turned seven, So I assist her with most recipes. We kind of took the easy way out by using the base instead of making it from scratch. I did see where Amazon carries the same base, if you want to try it.

Pho Ga Base

We followed the package directions for the base, which included boiling chicken with onion & ginger. We used chicken breasts. She boiled some rice noodles and prepped jalapenos and cilantro. To serve we placed noodles on the bottom, followed by chicken, added the broth, and then topped with fresh jalapenos and cilantro.



All of the kids ate it! My somewhat picky 11-year-old had two bowls! It was definitely a winner.

Pretzel Dogs

My 9-year-old made his best dish yet! He is a big hot dog fan, with Chicago dogs being his favorite. He decided to try a new take on hot dogs, though, and made pretzel dogs. We followed the recipe from Buns in my Oven and it was fabulous! The pretzel part tasted just like Auntie Annes. I think this will become one of his go-to recipes.



Pizza Muffins

The kids had picked up a cookbook at the library, Cooking Step by Step from DK Books. My 11-year-old choose a recipe for pizza muffins from here. The cookbook is so well laid out that he made the entire recipe himself! I stayed in the kitchen on stand-by just in case he needed anything, but he did it without my assistance.

by DK Books

Three out of the four kids really liked these and, honestly, I didn’t expect the youngest to be a fan as he doesn’t eat any sort of muffin. We dipped them in pizza sauce and also made a quick salad to go with them. Overall, I would say this recipe was a winner, as well.



Cheese Enchiladas

Since the youngest was taking the week off from cooking due to his birthday, the 7-year-old wanted to cook twice. She made a deliciously quick and easy dish – cheese enchiladas. We used a prepared sauce and just rolled shredded cheese in tortillas. We added some black beans and rice for a full meal.


That was our past week of kids’ cooking meals. They all did a wonderful job!


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