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Kids in the Kitchen

kids in the kitchen

In January, I decided that the kids needed to take more responsibility in the kitchen. I also decided that I need to allow them to actually do more in the kitchen and not just dump an ingredient or stir now and then. I might have some control issues and I am working on that. Our new system is that the kids choose what meal they will cook each week, find a recipe, and help me make a grocery list for the required ingredients. Then, one child is in charge of dinner one night a week. If you’re counting, that means 4 nights out of 7, I don’t have to plan dinner.

So far, we have had beef agnolotti made from scratch, sushi, quiche Lorraine, lasagna, homemade pizza rolls, stromboli, Chicago dogs, and more. The four-year-old has made macaroni and cheese almost every week. Obviously, I still have to help them out, so I’m not completely off the hook for cooking. However, my hope is that as they get more practice, I eventually can hand it over.

I will be sharing our continued cooking adventures along with recipes, so stay tuned!



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