About Me


Here it goes. I’ve been wanting to get this blog running for a while now. In fact, I’ve owned the domain for well over a year. (Errr… I’ll be honest, it’s been two and a half years!) It is becoming more and more real to me that my kids are growing up at warp speed and if I don’t do a better job documenting it, the memories will become a blur.

If you’ve found your way to my corner of the web you will find that I will cover a myriad of topics here. There will posts on things my kids are doing because, well, I find those little people amazing. We homeschool (not ever in my plan!), so there will be information on homeschooling. For seven years, I owned a fitness business catering to moms, so there is a very good chance health and fitness tips will find their way onto this site. We have started a new cooking project with the kids, so their adventures and recipes will be documented. Also, I tend to be easily distracted so I am positive you will also see random rants, raves, product reviews, travel tips, and about anything else that makes up this mommalife I’m living.



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